Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover - Online Quotation

Including Individuals, Sole proprietors, Close corporations, partnerships and other incorporated entities
Please note that this online quotation is entirely subject to the qualifying criteria of the Scheme. Details of these qualifying criteria can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page and in the actual application, should you elect to proceed to apply for cover once you have obtained your on-line quote. This online quotation is meant to only provide a cost guideline and is NOT the final quotation or invoice for payment.
In order to receive a valid tax invoice, please complete the appropriate application for either Individuals or Companies. All premiums quoted are annual premiums and include VAT, 20% broker’s commission and a 5% binder fee.
Before proceeding with this quotation or application please read the Frequently Answered Questions as well as these documents:

SPIIS Policy Document
PLUS one of these:
Notes for Company Cover OR
Notes for Individual Cover

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Basic Information required to produce this quotation
Personnel to be covered by SPIIS This question applies to any person(s) (individual, director, scientist, etc.) who qualifies for SACNASP registration or who has applied for SACNASP registration as at date of this application.
Total number of Directors who are registered as scientists with SACNASP
Total number of Directors (NON-SACNASP) i.e. legal, administration or accounting departments:
Total number employees who are Scientists (as per SACNASP categorization):
Total number of employees who are Candidates (as per SACNASP categorization):
Total number of Employees who are Certificated scientists (as per SACNASP categorization):
Indemnity insurance requirements
Limit of Indemnity cover
Limit of Indemnity required ? R 1,000,000.00
R 2,500,000.00
R 5,000,000.00
R 10,000,000.00
R 15,000,000.00
R 20,000,000.00
Retroactive cover required
I / We would like to purchase Retroactive Cover and understand that the annual premiums will be loaded by the percentage indicated in order to include this cover: 1 years retroactive cover – 20% per SACNASP registered member
2 years retroactive cover – 25% per SACNASP registered member
3 years retroactive cover – 35% per SACNASP registered member
I do not require any retroactive cover