Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover for individuals and sole proprietors

The application below is only in respect of cover for individuals. If you require cover for both yourself and a ‘corporate entity’ like a partnership, close corporation or other company, please click here to be re-directed to complete the questionnaire provided for Companies.

Please note that the cover will only respond to indemnify the insured named on the policy certificate/schedule. Therefore if you render services in the name of a company and not in your own name, then you need to apply for cover for a company and not cover as an individual (unless you are a sole proprietor in which case there is no separate legal entity aside from yourself who could be sued).

Please note that while SACNASP provides cover for services rendered worldwide (excluding North America), you have to be domiciled in RSA or your company has to be registered in RSA in order to qualify for cover under the SACNASP Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme (hereafter referred to as the ‘SPIIS’). Policy.

Unfortunately we cannot assist you if you do not live in South Africa or if your company is not registered in South Africa as the cover provided under the SPIIS Policy can only cover individuals who live in South Africa and companies that are registered in South Africa.

If you want to know how much the annual premium will be for the SPIIS cover, please use the Online Quotation facility to quickly calculate the amount for you. We suggest that you do this before proceeding with the actual Insurance Application form below.

The 2 links below provide access to documents which contain important information about the cover provided under the SPIIS Policy. The information contained in both documents forms part of our Record of Advice to you and you are urged to read them both carefully.

"SPIIS Policy Document" and
"Notes for Individual Cover" .

We recommend that you also read the Frequently Asked Questions.

If there is anything that is not clear or if you require further explanation or advice regarding the cover, please click on this link to contact us now before proceeding further with this application.
Qualifying criteria
Please answer the questions below so that we can determine whether or not you qualify for cover under the SACNASP professional indemnity insurance scheme (SPIIS) policy or whether we need to obtain stand-alone quotes for your consideration.

Please note that you will not qualify for cover under the SPIIS policy if any of your answers to the questions below are ‘YES’. There is a button right at the end of all the questions for you to click on to answer ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the questions asked below, then once you click on the button at the end of all the questions, you will be redirected to complete a form in order for us to obtain quotes for your consideration.
Claims or Complaints
In the past 5 years from the date of this application, have any claims been made against you and/or any previous business that you have owned (whether previously insured or not) which would be covered under this type of policy?


During the past 5 years from the date of this application, and making full enquiries of your employees and anyone else who may render services to you, whether as a consultant, sub-contractor or otherwise, are you aware of any circumstances or incidents, which could result in a claim or complaint being made against you which would be covered under this type of policy?
Size of Business
Does the total number of your employees (including yourself/directors/partners and members) exceed 10 people?


Does your turnover as at your last financial year-end exceed R5 million?


Is 50% or more of your last financial year's turnover sourced from outside of South Africa?


Do you expect that more than 50% of your next financial year's turnover will be sourced from outside South Africa?


Do you perform any services in the USA/Canada or for companies based in the USA/Canada?


Do you expect that more than 40% of your next financial year's turnover will be sourced from Australia?
Excluded Professions
Please note that no cover will be provided under the SPIIS on-line registration cover for the following professions:

  1. Any professional in the building industry, namely: Engineers including architects / quantity surveyors / construction contractors / Chemical and Mining Engineers, etc.,

  2. Valuers & Loss adjusters
If you fall within the excluded professions mentioned above or are unsure whether you do please click the RED "YES to at least 1 question" button below. You will then be able to download, complete and submit the SACNASP Non scheme proposal form.

We can obtain quotes which do provide cover for the above excluded professions, but this has to be done using the non-scheme application form as the on-line application does not cater for these professions.

Public Liability & Product Liability Exclusions (these exclusions do not apply to the professional indemnity section of the policy. They only apply to the public & product liability sections of the cover. This means that you will still be covered subject to all the other terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy, for any claims arising out of allegations of negligent advice or breach of professional duty relating to any of the excluded items below).
Please note that under the public and products’ liability sections of the policy there is no cover for any claims / damages / losses either directly or indirectly relating to the following: :

  1. Blood Banks, Blood Products and Blood Transfusion Services
  2. Marine Liability and/or Marine Products
  3. Livestock business including spread of disease
  4. Known exposures to Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB s)
  5. Infectious epidemics/pandemics
  6. Marine protection and indemnity risks
  7. Waste disposal and/or toxic waste
  8. Pharmaceutical products including implantation medical devices
  9. Any involvement relating to: Wood preservatives; Corrosion preventatives; Chloric cleaning agents; Insecticides and pesticides; Herbicides; Fertilisers; Animal Feed where chemical additives are used in the preparation of such feeds; Hazardous Chemical Products; Medical equipment and dressings; Electrical and electronic controlled equipment; Paints and Lacquers; Cosmetic products, Medical implantation devices.
  10. Genetic Engineering
If any of the above exclusions are problematic in view of the services rendered by you or your company, please click the RED "YES to at least 1 question" button below. You will then be able to download, complete and submit the SACNASP Non scheme proposal form.

We can generally obtain quotes from other insurers for cover which is not subject to the above exclusions, but this has to be done using the non-scheme proposal form as cover obtained under the SPIIS policy (public and products’ liability sections only) will be subject to the above-listed exclusions. When you send us your application form, please will you specifically mention which exclusions pose a problem, so that we can obtain quotes for appropriate cover for your consideration.