When should I notify CFP Brokers of a complaint against me?

We urge you to download and read our document entitled “Incident-reporting and claims’ handling procedures” document for our comprehensive advice.  The short answer is that you need to notify any situation which might give rise to a claim in the future as soon as you become aware of it. We have seen claims rejected for two main reasons, namely:

  1. Failure by the Insured to timeously report incidents which could lead to possible claims or complaints that they were aware of or ought reasonably to have been aware of.
  2. Failure to comply with policy conditions such as the requirement of signed informed consent.

Do not wait for formal legal action to be taken against you or to receive an official notification from your regulatory body (HPCSA/AHPCSA/SANC), that a complaint has been lodged against you before you notify our insurers of a claim. You should not delay notifying us of a potential claim/complaint against you.  If someone is making allegations or complain please contact CFP Brokers as a matter of urgency.

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