How do I pay the annual premium for my medical malpractice insurance?

Our MMOnline system does not include a payment portal so you can pay the once off annual premium by means of an EFT using your own banking app or internet banking.

To enable us to ensure that your Insurer receives timeous payment of premium, please:

  1. Use the bank account details and the beneficiary reference reflected on your invoice which would have been sent to you via email.  You can download your invoice directly from our MMOnline System once you have logged in.
  2. Please use the unique deposit reference found on the invoice.  If you do not use our unique deposit reference your payment may not be allocated correctly and your cover could be compromised as a result. Do NOT add any additional characters or spaces in our unique beneficiary reference as our system will not be able to allocate your payment if you do so.
  3. Please do NOT send us copies of the proof of payment as you make payment as this only serves to swamp our email addresses and our system should allocate your payment automatically.
  4. Note that cover is only in force once payment has been received.

If you pay for your cover and you do NOT receive an automated email confirming receipt of your payment within a week or two of making payment, please send a copy of your proof of payment to Lauren at . Please remember to check in your Junk Folder before you contact us.

Please add “Proof of Payment” and your name in the subject line of your email in order for us to prioritise your email.

Please note the following:

  • The Premium amount quoted on the Invoice is an annual premium payment amount and includes VAT.
  • If you are:
    • Renewing your Medical Malpractice for the 2021 period of insurance the Invoice will only be valid until 31 March 2021.
    • Taking out Medical Malpractice Insurance for the first time, your invoice will only be valid for 14 days and will automatically be deleted from the system thereafter.
  • Insurance Cover will only be in place once payment has been made.

Once your payment is verified (automatically by the MMOnline System if you have used the correct beneficiary reference or manually if the beneficiary is incorrect) you will be able to download your proof of insurance letter and the policy documents.


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